Smartphone controlled trade show booth

A personalized experience that really connects with your visitors

  • Smartphone controlled interface
  • Select content to display for a custom fit with each visitor
  • Worry-free fully integrated audio-visual system
  • Display what you want, when you want it

TKNL was present at the PCMA Canadian Innovation Conference held in Niagara last November.

For the occasion we decided to create an immersive environment that showcased our capabilities to event planners. They were more than thrilled!

This solution permits our team to display one-on-one personalized content. In real time.


For example: on demand, our booth staff were able to show a video about a Bombardier event to a prospect in the aeronautic business simply by tapping a button on a smartphone.

Stéphane Laurin, TKNL Montréal

At TKNL we believe that technology should serve the customer experience and be invisible.

We know that our job is done when technology is in the background leaving the center of the stage for emotions.

This booth is an amazing canvas for creativity. It can convey many looks, feelings, and messages, and at low cost, giving you assured ROI.

Creation supported by flawless technology is the first step in creating a memorable experience

Jim Shepherd, TKNL Ottawa

Your next event deserve an outstanding experience

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